Following are three miscellaneous items that are Kentucky-Derby related or Churchill-Downs related.

A company called Derby Supply Chain Solutions has developed what it calls an infographic that showcases the history and tradition of the Kentucky Derby.  It includes all kinds of information on the Kentucky Derby and its participants and takes about two minutes to go through.  The infographic is clever and very well done.  Click here to see it.


Lenny Shulman is the features editor for the Blood-Horse and an Emmy Award-winning writer, who spent two decades working in television and film in Hollywood.  Horse-racing fans should appreciate his new novel “Long Way From Home,” which fittingly involves a Kentucky Derby colt.

The paperback’s back cover summarizes the plot “Dan Henry is the worst kind of lost soul—one with great potential unrealized.  But New York City doesn’t give style points for could have been, and Dan’s desperation brings a thundercloud of indifference from millions and a hail of wisecracks from his friends.  Then opportunity knocks.  Rising from under-employed writer to star of a sports talk show, flush with money and a beautiful girlfriend, Dan’s sharp wit and murky sources bring him the good life.  But things are always brightest before the dusk.  Cast off by the job and the girl, he rebuilds his life 1,000 miles away among the horse farms of Central Kentucky.  There, Dan seizes the moment, exposing a plot that threatens the life of a Kentucky Derby runner.”

Horse Racing Business plans to review this book in more detail in the near future.  Click here to see the page for “Long Way From Home” and the reader reviews.


No jockey in modern history has been identified with Churchill Downs like Pat Day, so much so that the racetrack erected a statue in his honor.  Tom LaMarra, online content editor of the Blood-Horse, has done a very insightful article on Day’s motivational life story of redemption.  This article deserves an Eclipse Award for 2014.  Click here to read it.

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