Horse Racing Business digresses to the light side today to focus on the “bets” available on Friday’s Royal Wedding in London. This event should appeal to the sporting nature of horse racing bettors, even if they could care less about the social aspects.

Serious handicappers like to decipher what is about to happen in a horse race, given a multitude of variables. They welcome a good challenge–and betting on one or more of the events surrounding the wedding of Prince William Windsor and Kate Middleton must be done with very little in the way of past performances to go on. It is similar to betting on a Maiden Special Weight full of first-time starters.

Following are some of the quirky bets offered by British bookmakers Ladbrokes and William Hill:

What will be the main course of the wedding dinner? Beef is the 8/11 favorite.

Rain at Westminster Abbey on Kate’s arrival. Not raining is the 2/7 favorite.

Kate and William’s first wedding dance? You’re Beautiful is the 5/1 favorite.

Kate to wear the Spencer family Tiara. Yes, the 6/1 favorite.

Royal wedding to be the hottest day of 2011. Yes, 66/1.

Kate Middleton to pronounce Prince William’s full name in the wrong order during the wedding vows. 20/1

Prince Philip to be seen asleep during the wedding service. 10/1

Prince William to drop the wedding ring during the service. 20/1

An objection to be raised during the vows. 50/1

Kate Middleton to jilt Prince William at the altar. 100/1

The Archbishop of Canterbury to refer to Kate Middleton as Prince William’s ‘AWLFUL wedded wife’ during the service. 100/1

The Archbishop of Canterbury to say “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy GOAT’ during the service. 100/1

The Archbishop of Canterbury to drop the Bible during the wedding service. 33/1

The Archbishop of Canterbury to request a toilet break during the wedding service. 100/1

Kate Middleton’s father to be seen crying walking up the aisle of Westminster Abbey. 3/1

Prince Harry to forget the wedding ring. 100/1

Here is an iron-clad lock: the Royal Wedding will be the most hyped, most watched, most reported, and most replayed social extravaganza in history.

Queen Elizabeth II–a lifelong Thoroughbred owner and racing aficionado–must be proud of her grandson and his bride.

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