Forbes magazine’s annual ranking of the 500 wealthiest U. S. citizens includes five individuals in 2017 with significant horse-racing interests currently in their families.

(Forbes stated that “A record $2 billion net worth is now required to be counted among the very richest Americans.  That means 176 billionaires were too poor to make the cut, and 13 members of last year’s list dropped off even though they are as rich or richer than they were a year ago.”  Kevin Plank, net worth $1.7 billion, Sagamore Racing, is one of the thirteen because of a huge decline in the stock price of Under Armour, the company he founded.)

John Malone, net worth $8.2 billion, age 76, primary residence Elizabeth, Colorado, 56th wealthiest American.

Thomas Benson, net worth $2.8 billion, age 90, primary residence New Orleans, Louisiana, 288th wealthiest American.

B. Wayne Hughes, net worth $2.7 billion, age 84, primary residence Lexington, Kentucky, 302nd wealthiest American.

Lee Bass (Ramona Bass), net worth $2.6 billion, age 61, primary residence Forth Worth, Texas, 315th wealthiest American.

Brad Kelley, net worth $2.3 billion, age 60, primary residence Franklin, Kentucky, 350th wealthiest American.

Forbes classifies all but Lee Bass as “self-made” rather than being born wealthy.

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