While horse racing enthusiasts relish the intellectual challenge of handicapping, its intricacies can be a deterrent to attracting new players.   Handicapping is a process replete with jargon, voluminous data, and statistical inference.

Some people don’t want to learn the nuances of handicapping and others, who do know how to handicap, may not have the time or desire to devote to it.  One approach to encouraging their participation is to provide them with lottery-like options that don’t necessitate a commitment of considerable time or deep thought.  Instant Racing–wherein players can bet on recycled races presented in a slot-machine format–is such an example that has been successful at several racetracks in the United States.

A theme-based horse-racing casino game is cleverly called “Who Wants to be a Stallionaire?”—which is an obvious reference to the once-popular British and American television program “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”  The “Stallionaire” is a horse caricature depicted as a fashionably dressed human.  “Who Wants to be a Stallionaire?” is a classic three-reel slot game that features a racecourse-style board with 20 squares.  The game is activated by lighting three of the bronze, silver, or gold horseshoes on the rack to the left of the screen.  With bonuses, the jackpot can go up to £5,000 or over $8,000 U. S. dollars.

Gaming Club Casino, an online enterprise, is an illustration of a company that offers players over 400 such readily understandable casino games appealing to a wide array of tastes and preferences.  Additionally, people can begin by playing for practice rather than money.

Easily playable theme-based casino games are made to order for a fast-paced era like today in which playing video games and visiting sites on the Internet are hugely popular activities, particularly among the younger generations.

Racetracks and advance deposit wagering companies can potentially reach out to people who have neither the time nor inclination to handicap by incorporating betting on horses into a casino-like format that can be offered online.  This will be the follow-up topic of next week’s Horse Racing Business post.

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